Can I be a Guardian?

You must be over 18 years old and in full time employment. You must not have a criminal record and must be a UK resident or have an appropriate visa.

What are my responsibilities as a Guardian?

You are responsible for protecting our clients’ properties. As a full-time Guardian you will report any vandalism, trespassing, squatting, illegal activity or structural issues concerning the property. Ultimately, your role requires you to maintain the security of the property.

How much will it cost per week?

Costs vary according to types of property and locations. However, all our property is priced substantially below traditional rents. London accommodation prices start at £40.00 per week.

Are the rooms furnished?

We provide white goods and furniture in some communal areas.

How long will I be able to stay in a property?

We aim to secure properties for a minimum of six months, but due to the nature of property guardianship we can require you to vacate a property on being given 28 days notice. We will always endeavor to relocate you.

How long is the notice I will need to give?

We only require 14 days notice from our Guardians.

How long is the notice I will be given by Space Sitter?

We will give Guardians a minimum of 28 days notice.

What utilities can I expect?

We do not take on properties without first ensuring that there is safe drinking water, hot water and electricity. Many of our properties will have gas central heating. We safety check gas, electric and water in every property, and ensure fire safety compliance.

Are bills included?

In most cases bills are included but this is decided on a building by building basis.

Do I pay Council Tax?

In most cases Council Tax is included however this will be decided on a building by building basis.

Do the properties have wifi and telephones?

Some properties may have wifi but we can never guarantee this. Guardians can install landlines and wifi, but only with prior agreement from Spacesitter.

Can I live with someone?

We are happy to accept couples. Each individual will need to go through the application process and we charge 50% extra for a shared room.

Can I decorate a room?

In most cases, yes. Prior permission is required.

Is a deposit required?

Yes a deposit is required which is the equivalent of four weeks licence fee.

Can I expect other costs?

We require a £75.00 administration fee if your application is successful and £60.00 for a fire safety kit.

What about pets and children?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets or children in any of our properties.

Can I go on holiday?

We fully appreciate that everybody needs a break. We ask Guardians to inform us if they are going to be away and generally discourage long absences.

How do I apply to be a Guardian?

Spacesitter will require you to complete and submit our registration form and email it to info@spacesitter.com. If successful you will be invited for interview.